1980's Minerva RS 800 -MW/LW/FM/SWx3 Radio (Grundig Ocean Boy 820)- 01.03.2016 SOLD

1980's Minerva RS 800 -MW/LW/FM/SWx3 Radio (Grundig Ocean Boy 820)- 01.03.2016 SOLD
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Rare 1980's 'Minerva RS 800' MW/LW/FM/SWx3 Radio (Grundig Ocean Boy 820)









1980's  'Minerva' RS800 LW/MW/FM/SWx3  Transistor Radio

Dimensions: L- 35, W- 12, H- 23.4cm (13.8 x 9.1 x 3.9")


I have always been very critical about my radios condition before I decide that they are good enough to meet my buyers expectations and this one is absolutely gorgeous and looks and sounds fantastic.

This is very rare Minerva RS 800 model which for a radio which is 35 years old its condition is truly amazing.

The model is identical to the Grundig Ocean Boy 820. The only difference being the colour of the cabinet and control knobs.
Minevra Wien were taken over by Grundig in 1980 and shortly afterwards Grundig started to sell several identical radio models with both a Grunding and Minevra badge and this is an original Minerva one. 
Both The Minevra RS800 and the Grundig Ocean Boy 820 were produced for Grundig in Taiwan.

The Minerva RS-800 is a multiband receiver and has 6 tuning bands:-

VHF/FM     87.5 - 108 MHz (covering the full FM!) 

LW            145 - 260 kHz

MW            510 - 1620 kHz

SW1          3.95 - 6.2 MHz (75m - 49m)

SW2         7.05 - 12.1 MHz (41m - 25m)

SW3         15.1 - 22.0 MHz (19m - 13m)

Fine tuning on all waves is achieved by low gearing when you pull out the tuning knob.

There are separate bass and treble controls and a tuning/battery condition meter and switched AFC. There is a  a 5 pin DIN socket for aux or tape in/out and a headphone socket.

Normal reception for Short Wave and VHF/FM is from the telescopic aerial, MW and LW reception is from the build in ferrite rod aerial. The radio works from  6 x "D" cells (not supplied) or direct from the mains (110v/240v) Mains lead supplied.

As usual I am providing lots of good clear photos so that you can assess the cosmetic condition of this  radio for yourself. 

This is a rare model radio in remarkable cosmetic condition and good working order. It has recently been fully checked, cleaned and serviced. 

All the controls and switches are original and working fine - with no noise or crackles, the,  tuning meter is sensitive and correctly indicates the tuning.
The aerial is straight and fully extendable.
The battery box is absolutely clean with no signs of corrosion. As this is a 35 years old radio set therefore some small age related marks and signs of use is normal to be expected but in general  it is remarkable.

This superb high quality radio is absolutely original and complete and works very well on all wavebands and sounds fantastic with 7 watts of audio output. 


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